Thursday, January 6, 2011

A New Year

New Year's resolutions are a tradition that goes back to the pagan festivals celebrating the new year and a change in the cycle of seasons. I doubt they thought of it as a beginning like we do, but I am sure there was a lot of significance to it. I imagine that, with a lot more time on your hands due to decreasing daylight and bad weather, you had more time to consider the significance of a winter festival. I am sure that, if you had to get up in front of the entire village and proclaim your 'resolutions' for the year, you would keep them.

I suppose the fascination of the black page keeps us coming back. I used o like to start new things on a Monday, as I consider it the first day of the week, the beginning point. Silly, but it had a meaning for me.

There are lots of good sites that will have the ins and outs of resolutions, how to achieve goals, etc. My only thought for the new year is to make my immediate surrounding a better place, if I can. I am hoping the the 'spoke' effect, or maybe ripple would be a better word. If I can start here, in my home and my workplace, maybe it will ripple out and the world will be a little bit better. At any rate, the Warrior always strives, to improve himself and his environment. We must be a little bit better tomorrow, wether it is a small physical improvement, a better outlook, or just feeling more in tune with yourself and those around you.