Thursday, July 8, 2010

Walking The Path

I recently came across something that brought me great joy. Imagine someone drudging through the burdens of life- job, marriage, husband's failed business, losing a great house and moving into a mobile home. Can you foresee the dreariness, the thoughts of failure, the depression? The feelings of giving up, no longer caring or trying? Well, this person didn't give up.

What impressed me the most is that she waited patiently for items, made it fun. Quite a few of the things she didn't have, she made- and that was fun, too. In short, she took a life that could be full of negativity, recriminations, and bitterness. Instead, she made something she always wanted. The fact that it is small adds to it, instead of diminishing it. There is a message here for many a so-called wise person.

Well, it makes me want to step back and look at my life a bit differently. How can I apply the same methods? How can I shape my daily life so that I can feel fulfilled even though the day involves so much that takes from me, and leaves me tired and feeling like a beast of burden rather than a creative, live human being?

I don't know. But when I see things like this, I know I have to try! If I may quote Hagakure again,

To say that to die without reaching ones' aims is to die a dog's death is the way of frivolous sophisticates.

Funny how this could apply today as well. Our 'frivolous sophisticates' would immediately criticize, and have nothing positive to offer. All they know is that they have the secrets..and, they aren't telling!

The Way is in the trying. Brace ourselves, move forward! One foot in front of the other, as my father always said when we took our long, rambling walks. He would not be considered a great or intelligent man by those that recon these things. But he was wise. He would have loved this article, and found a project for him to do, to lift him up, to give him hope. He never quit, until he became too ill to continue.

What a spirit! I always feel like a mere shadow compared to these amazing people. May I never give in!

keep on keeping on

"courage doesn't always roar. sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says, i'll try again tomorrow."

{mary anne radmacher}

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